Tracking Pierrot
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Tracking Pierrot

On October 16, 1912 Arnold Schönberg ́s Pierrot Lunaire was premiered in Berlin. One hundred years later an exquisit ensemble came together under the artistic direction of Manuel Nawri to breathe new life into the Pierrot and to follow his traces through the past century along the most important musical milestones. Tracking Pierrot includes an uncompromising new recording of Schönberg ́s Pierrot Lunaire in an outstanding interpretation by Sarah Maria Sun under the baton of Manuel Nawri. Furthermore the world premiere recording of Pierrot Lunaire by Johannes Schöllhorn from 1992 that was recorded in presence of the composer and is based on a composition with the same title by Max Kowalski from 1913. Also, Hanns Eisler ́s Palmström from 1924, which was composed as a response to his teacher’s composition, and two recordings of the open form composition Tracking Pierrot by Earle Brown from 1992. The recordings were produced at Christuskirche Oberschöneweide in Berlin and are availalbe in high resolution Stereo and Surround Sound. The extras include a music film by Aron Kitzig with Brown’s music, an interview with the composer Johannes Schöllhorn and modern English versions of the German lyrics that were created especially for this release.

01. - 21. Arnold Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 (1912), 36:41
22. - 33. Max Kowalski / Johannes Schöllhorn Pierrot Lunaire (1913), 27:11
34. - 38. Hanns Eisler Palmström, Op. 5 (1924), 05:11
39. - 40. Earle Brown Tracking Pierrot (1992), 21:46

1. Tracking Pierrot, film by Aron Kitzig (2012), 09:30
2. Tracking Tracking Pierrot, documentary by Ingo Woelke (2012), 10:00

Besides the music and the videos a hand made limited edition has been produced in celebration of the centenary of Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire. The collectors item comes as a music box that plays a tune of Johannes Schöllhorn and includes the CD and DVD as well as a print of the new English versions of the original song texts that have been created especially for this project.

The physical release is a special CD-DVD edition with music and films in an extensive booklet and design packaging. The digital FLAC download contains the lossless audio. The digital MP3 download contains the audio in a lossy 320kb format.